SBIR Commercialization Assistance Providers

The Montana Innovation Partnership powered by TechLink works with many small businesses as they work to submit competitive SBIR/STTR proposals. We collaborate with our partners to make sure we can connect our clients with resources so they may seek additional investments and support services as they grow and scale their tech-based business in Montana. All of our services are provided at no cost to the client.

Some companies may wish to acquire additional paid services to help prepare their SBIR proposals or commercialize SBIR-funded technology.

Listed below are a handful of vetted service providers who can provide fee-based consulting services. Some of the consulting firms listed below may also serve as TABA providers.

What is TABA?

Technical and Business Assistance (TABA) is additional funding for SBIR awardees to cover costs outside of what your award may cover without reducing the budget for your technical work. Official TABA vendors are organizations approved by the SBIR agencies to be subcontracted by your firm for your specific assistance needs. Most agencies require that you request to receive TABA at the time you submit either your Phase I or Phase II proposal (check the solicitation instructions).

TABA provides support for SBIR awardees to help make better technical decisions on SBIR projects, solve technical problems that arise during SBIR projects, minimize the technical risks associated with SBIR projects, and help commercialize the SBIR product or process. Be aware that receiving TABA makes your firm ineligible to use agencies’ other commercialization assistance programs. Be sure to examine the service providers your agency offers, and select the best option for your firm.

May I use a TABA vendor that is different from the agency-appointed provider?

Sometimes. Check the terms described in the solicitation. If allowed, you may be able to use TABA funds to hire a qualified third-party consultant or firm to perform the activities covered by TABA. In your cost proposal, you will include information about your selected vendor.

The following is a collection of vetted commercialization assistance providers as well as some Montana-based resources for legal and grant-writing services. Remember that all of the coaching and assistance you receive from the Montana Innovation Partnership are provided at no cost. We cannot, however, be a designated TABA provider, but our independent contractors and partners listed below can. These providers offer expertise and knowledge from years of SBIR support experience.

National firms that provide TABA and SBIR Commercialization assistance

Shadow Ridge Analytics (Montana-based)

BBC Entrepreneurial Training & Consulting, LLC


Eva Garland Consulting

Foresight Science & Technology

Larta Institute

MTIP Contract Consultants

EKase Consulting, LLC

Greenwood Consulting Group, Inc.

Peak Innovations Group, LLC

OppsSpot, LLC

The Outpost

Montana-Based Legal Assistance

Toni Tease, Tease Law

Paul Ditmyer, Collaborative IP

Joel Henry, Hall Booth Smith, PC

The Montana Innovation Partnership (MTIP) is based at Montana University TechLink Center. We are funded in part through a cooperative agreement with the U.S. Small Business Adminstration with additional funding from the Montana Department of Commerce.

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